Portal Charges:

Beneficiary: Srisaa Technology Labs

Amount: Rs. 800/- (Rupees Eight Hundred per Application)

Based on GO No MS. 23 Home (Prison & Fire) Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh dated 03-Feb-2020; and Order (Rc No 3776/Planning/2015 dated 06-Mar-2020) issued by Director General Fire Services, Srisaa Technology Labs being the Organization developing & maintaining the Online NOC Portal of Fire Department of Andhra Pradesh is authorized to collect an amount of Rs. 800/- (Rs. Eight Hundred Only) per application from applicants as "Portal Charges" towards maintenance of the said portal, from the Fire Precautionary Fee payable to the department. The terms are as below::

  1. An amount of Rs. 800 (Rupees Eight Hundred Only) shall be charged directly from the applicants in the form of "Portal Charges".
  2. The charges payable to the Fire Department thru Challan / CFMS will be reduced by Rs.800, thus not affecting the total amount payable by the applicants.
  3. Portal Charges are payable at the time of Submission of the Application.
  4. Portal Charges are payable on all types of Applications.
  5. Portal Charges are payable on application of all delegation levels (MSB/RFO/DFO)